Tuesday, December 11, 2007

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A Safe and Humane Way to Contain Your Loved One

You have a mother, father, or spouse who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Your loved one wanders in the middle of the night or is putting themselves into danger. You feel helpless as you do not know what to do. Then, there is the handicaps/special needs adult who poses a danger to himself and needs to be contained for safety reasons. He gets out of bed, messes up the house, puts things in his mouth, and sometimes, wanders away into danger.

Does any of this sound like your situation? Do you feel helpless right now? Stop right there! Help is on its way. Here is a solution.

The most humane way to contain your loved one and still ensure his comfort at the same time is to invest in an adult crib. Some may scorn you because they think it is weird or inhumane. But, wouldn’t you think it is better then tying them up or locking them in a room? Let’s compare the options and see why the adult crib would be the best way to go.

Tying Them Up

Wow! That right there just makes me quiver. This option makes it seem as though the person is the equivalent of an animal or hideous beast! Not to mention, when tied down, he is not comfortable in the least bit. He cannot change positions to get a good night sleep, and he is stuck in the same position the entire time which, many of us know from personal experience, can become excruciatingly painful. Have you ever slept in one position to wake up feeling stiff and in pain the next morning? That is what would happen if you should decide to tie down your loved one. This is a common method used in institutions which is one reason why I hate them. How sick!

Put yourself in your loved one’s shoes. Would you want this done to you? And, don’t you think your loved one deserves to be comfortable?

Locking Them in a Room

This may sound practical: but, it is dangerous. While he is prevented from wandering or ruining the rest of the house, this does not mean the situation is entirely safe. Just think of it. Your loved one could get into things in the room: or worse, he could punch out a window. Even if you should try to be as safety conscious as possible, there are still ways he can injure himself. And, then there are the fire hazards to consider.

Adult Cribs

This is the most humane option. While contained, your loved one still has room to move and breathe. This option is the least of the cruelest, and I’ll explain why.

When you put a baby in its crib to lie down for sleep or to get some chill time, is this cruel or inhumane? Should this be viewed as punishment? No way. And, why do babies sleep in cribs? Well, common sense would say that it is to contain them and to keep them out of danger. So, if the adult you are caring for has the mindset of a small child and needs to be contained for safety, doesn’t the same situation apply? Sure it does!

You may try to reason with yourself that the person’s age has something to do with it. Or, you may say that this option is not appropriate for adults. But, if you have this reasoning, you fail to remember that the adult in which you are dealing with is not just some ordinary adult. And many times, he is not his chronological age meaning that he is not the age he is mentally. His mental age will be something very different than the age he actually is. You are dealing with a special needs situation. Thus the investment in an adult crib is a sound and practical one.

With that said, here are some sites which you can order them.

The first site is at www.babyapparels.com. I believe this was originally made for the crazy people called adult babies: however, you can get cribs and changing tables for those who are disabled. When I inquired about the furniture, they were very nice and polite. They are worth doing business with.

The next site is at www.shilog.com, and is a medical wholesaler. The biggest crib that can be purchased there is a youth crib that is seventy-two inches long. This could fit a grown woman if she is not extremely tall. Possibly of about five/four or five/five.

Another site is found at http://www.enabledesignco.com/cribs.html.

It's great that there is a company like this so the disabled can still stay at home and be kept out of danger in a humane fashion.